Edward Snowden, the NSA Whistleblower, Explains Why He Did It

In an interview from Hong Kong with journalist Glenn Greenwald, 29-year-old NSA technologist Ed Snowden says that he leaked documents revealing that the NSA was wiretapping millions of innocent US citizens. If you want to understand the future of government, you must watch this video.


Articulate and thoughtful, but obviously scared for his life, Snowden gives a candid interview about why he chose to leak these documents. He also explains why his intentions were not to harm the US government, and points out that he could easily have revealed many secrets that would have harmed covert operations and other NSA projects — but chose not to. He says he knows that his life is in danger, but that he was willing to risk anything to stop "the abuses."

Is Snowden a new kind of geek freedom fighter for the internet age?

You can read more at The Guardian



Never going to the io9 website again. Anyone who thinks this traitor is a hero can get a job spying for china like him.