Eee PC Touchscreen Coming This Summer, Asus Confirms

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Asus' president of sales, Kevin Lin, has announced the upcoming 8.9-inch Eee PC will have a touchscreen incorporated. Lin also speculated that the device may have GPS functionality, too, however this was not confirmed. The announcement has us a little confused, as earlier reports suggested otherwise. Still, Lin went on to say the expected starting price for an 8.9-inch touchscreen toting Eee will be around $500, and he also added that the Eee Desktop PC will begin retailing at the $199 mark. Put that in your Eee PC news pipe and puff it. [DigiTimes]



Broken Machine

What OS will the unit be running? GPS on Linux is almost as lacklujster as GPS on OSX and all of the user hacked touchscreens have (for some reason) needed to run Windows.

Touchscreen, GPS, 7 inch screen, SSD. Perfect carputer.