Effortlessly Good Juggler Might Not Be Human

Maybe its the vacant expression on his face, but juggler Łukasz Uczkiewicz looks like he could pull off these tricks in his sleep. Which is all the more frustrating, because he’s so damn good I can just barely follow what’s going on.


Lukasz seems to have all but abandoned his YouTube channel, but he’s still somewhat active on Instagram where he posts the occasional juggling video. Beyond that, the 22-year-old Pole has almost no digital footprint, but hopefully he’s somewhere making a living off these incredible moves.

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Initially I was like wow, what a good juggler then when he got up to juggiling six balls and doing things with them that I have never seen anything close to, I now suspect this is fake. I mean this guy seriously caught six balls at once, with 2 landing in his hands, one on his foot, two in his elbow pits (not sure what we call that other side of an elbow...) and one on his head?!

The idiots here pretty much believe everything if it is on video, so I kind of expect to get a bunch of whiny kids talking trash back at me.