EFiX USB Dongle Will Boot and Install OS X on Any PC, Supposedly

Illustration for article titled EFiX USB Dongle Will Boot and Install OS X on Any PC, Supposedly

Not up to the messier parts of building a Hackintosh? EFiX is a USB dongle that promises to take care of all of that for you, automagically on any PC. Pop it into the port and you can install OS X straight from the DVD "without having to worry about patches, replacing files and anything like that." Update: There's a video demo of this black magic here.


If you're thinking it sounds too good to be true and that the site looks a little scuammy, you should know that it took a lot of time to craft this voodoo stick and required the developers to thwart "various problems, including sabotage." After six months of testing, it's due on June 23. Our advice? Let someone else be the guinea pig. Hey guinea pigs, if you buy this, let us know how it goes! [EFiX via Insanely Mac via Hack a Day]



@weatherman: But the difference is not just a matter of their respective models, but how much it would cost them to do a complete restructuring of it. How much would it cost to take away a profitable division, mark up the price of a product that is a very low percentage of your revenue and hope that adoption is good enough to not only match the profits earned prior, but exceed it? My guess is that Apple would take a huge blow for too long to survive.