Electric Car Made From Bamboo To Go On Sale In Japan

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Eschewing the silver paint and smooth curves of most electric cars nowadays, the Japanese Meguru electric car kind of looks like a rickshaw, and is made from bamboo.

It'll be going on sale for around the equivalent of $10,000, with the makers Yodogawa Group and Kinki Knives Industries Corporation (what a name!) aiming it the more traditional cities of Kyoto and Nara.

While on the outside it looks like a large-scale fridge magnet you'd pick up in a souvenir shop, internally it's stuffed with enough electrics to power it for 40km after just 2hrs of charging. Its top speed may only be 40km/h, but it's an affordable, eco-friendly way to get about a town or city in style. Shame it only fits two people, really. [Japan Trends]