Electric Skateboard Pole-Vaulting Should Be the Next Olympic Sport

Aside from the opening ceremonies, how many Olympic events did you watch over the past few weeks? Very few, right? It’s about time the IOC started spicing up the games so they’re more interesting—like letting athletes compete with the aid of electric skateboards, starting with the pole vault.


If the International Olympic Committee is ever wise enough to adopt this vast improvement, Baptiste Boirie is well on his way to a gold medal, having been practicing the electric skateboard pole vault for the past few months now. The pole vault world record (without a skateboard) currently stands at 20.21-feet, but Boirie has already cleared heights of 19.36-feet with minimal effort. 2020 is still two years away, giving Tokyo plenty of time to prep for electric skateboarding javelin, high-diving, and 100-meter dash.



Not I

I think your vision is too limited. How about other Olympic events with electric skateboards and other mechanical aids? The electric skateboard 100 yard dash? Deadlifts using forklifts? Marathons using Indy cars?

Wait? If we did that, why would we need the Olympics?