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The KaionWave is a concept from Electrolux design labs. Only intended for cleaning stain-resistant nanofabrics (which don't exist unless you count those Docker pants), the KaionWave uses ultraviolet-C light that can penetrate fabric to kill viruses and bacteria. Free radical oxygen pumps through the unit, breaking down dirt and skid marks.

We like that all this technology means less chemicals, not so much for the environment, but our tendency to always be out of detergent because we never go to the store. Then we find ourselves in a bind with no clean undies, thinking maybe we can borrow the wife's as long as we avoid urinals for the day. All is well until we unconsciously bend over in the afternoon, revealing a blue sparkle thong to our coworkers. Yeah, this washing machine is pretty much the greatest thing ever.


Electrolux Washing System [via crave]