Electronic Golf Caddy Carries Your Clubs Sans Judgment Or Teen Angst

Yet another job for pimply 16-year-olds has been rendered obsolete with technology, now that golfers can use the Shadow Caddy—a fully autonomous golf club carrying cart that trails behind you automatically. The three-wheeled cart works by following a signal from a transmitter worn on the golfer's body. Switching the caddy's setting from "Follow-Me" to "Park" makes sure it never accidentally follows you into a bunker or onto the green.

The Shadow Caddy can function in all weather conditions and moves at a speedy enough clip to keep up with a fast walk. Right now, it's only available as a rental model rather than a full retail product. Trials are being conducted at four golf courses in Melbourne, Australia.


Not only is the cart cheaper than renting a real person to carry your clubs for you, it'll never make snide remarks under its breath about how any idiot would've known to use a nine iron for that shot. [Gizmag]

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