Elite Portable Floor-Rising Screen is Pure Magic

Good lord, look at this Elite Portable Floor-Rising Screen that's motorized. Carry it around with you, make it rise with its magic motors, and impress all those superficial suits on your next presentation road trip. Or, keep it right at home, take off that easily-removed handle, and it looks like it's a permanent installation. Available by June, your choice of either an 84" or a 100" diagonal screen will set you back $2000. Screen sizes up to 150" are planned.


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Oooh, magic! This would be pretty good in a furniture install where you don't have the ability to suspend anything or a shelf would look stupid. Considering a motorized TV-unit (to raise up that flat panel at the foot of the bed) will set you back about $3k, this falls within range of plausable. Besides, most of those tv-units look like they come out of SteinMart or BigLots furniture showroom - now you have options!