Elmo SUV-Cam Micro Video Camera System

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If you ever wanted to snoop on your unsuspecting neighbors before but didn't think there was a small enough camera out there to get the job done, Elmo has a surprise for you with its SUV-cam. This micro video camera—micro being 2.2x4.0x1.1-inches—system is able to capture MPEG-4 video with a resolution of 704x480 pixels. Better yet, should you, Mr. Bond, need to take the camera under water, you can rest easy knowing that it's water-proof up to 12 feet.

Just like other cool gadgets that help you reenact Porky's, Elmo's micro camera solution will set you back quite a bit of coin. In fact, if you're not willing to part with about $750, you might as well forget about it. Plus, you'd have to import it from Japan where it launches on September 29.


Product Page [Elmo via Digital World Tokyo]

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