Seemingly in response to the Dogecoin lawsuit, Twitter users began noticing the cryptocurrency’s logo appearing in place of the platform’s logo in the upper right corner of the desktop’s website. It’s not clear what exactly this logo serves to say, but it’s likely an attempt by Musk to troll the plaintiffs, the Dogecoin non-believers, or some other party the Chief Twit has a bone to pick with.


The lawsuit was originally filed in June 2022, and since then crypto has taken quite the tumble. Once the herald of a new economy/internet hybrid has now turned into a punchline for most. Notably, crypto exchange FTX took a nose dive in November as $9 billion in customer funds vanished due to a liquidity crisis. More recently, however, Matt Damon admitted he shilled for because his nonprofit was facing financial woes.

Update April 3, 2:25 p.m. EST: This article was updated to include the development that Twitter’s logo was replaced with the Dogecoin logo.