Elon Musk Says the Boring Company Is About to Offer Free Tunnel Rides

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Elon Musk’s Boring Company has been busy digging a giant tunnel under Los Angeles, and it’s reportedly nearly done and ready for some human passengers. Musk announced on Thursday that the company “will be offering free rides to the public in a few months.” That is, if they get government approval.


Musk also noted in an Instagram post that the subterranean transportation system, once completed, “will always give priority to pods for pedestrians & cyclists for less than the cost of a bus ticket.” The Los Angeles tunnel stretches just 2.7 miles—it’s a proof-of-process—but Musk has big ideas for the future of underground transportation.


Musk has stated that he wants to build a network of tunnels beneath the city of angels in order to “solve the problem of soul-destroying traffic.” A noble mission. Above ground, cars would drive onto electrically-powered sled-like devices that would then descend underground and zip through the tunnels at more than 120 miles per hour.

The free rides Musk announced this week would be a smaller-scale version of this dream. A dream, it’s worth noting, that may very much be an impressive delusion. The vision is rife with regulatory obstacles and is hopelessly complicated. And if you are hesitant to dive into Musk’s Los Angeles tunnel, maybe trust your gut. It was just last year said they had “no idea” what they’re doing.

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Pretty sure “Free Tunnel Rides” is a sexual euphemism in certain circles.. If it wasn’t previously, it is now.