Email Beats Snail Mail 81 to 1 and Most of It Is Junk

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14.4 trillion emails vs 177 billion postal letters and packages. That's the 2009 email vs snail mail score in the United States. A staggering 81 to 1 proportion. The bad: 81% of email is spam vs 47% of snail mail.

That's 11.6 trillion spam emails per year. Why doesn't the Pentagon declare war against the spamterrorists who are taking 81% of the total mail bandwidth? If someone can create viruses to take nuclear power plants down, they can create another one to destroy junk email networks. [Pingdom via Laughing Squid]

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This seems like it answers a question that didn't need asking.

I mean I can email a hundred people right now, for free, in about a minute. How long would it take me to snail mail a hundred duplicate letters? How much would it cost? Seems like a no brainer.

Also what qualifies as legit email vs legit snail mail? I get about 5 Ticketmaster/Live Nation emails a day, they're technically not SPAM as I'm subscribed to them having done buisiness with them in the past. I can also unsubsribe at any time. But if I were to get the same kind of letter in the regular mail I definitley consider it junk mail.