Email On A Stick

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The people have spoken, and they like their technology like they like their processed meat. On the cutting edge of this trend, a crack team of UK political scientists is hard at work bringing a refreshing blast of usefulness to the USB stick market: a wholly-contained USB key e-mail application.

Mobility Email is a Thunderbird-based email app that is capable of storing both application code and e-mail data entirely on a USB stick, enabling the user to carry their mail with them wherever they go. Mobility leaves only minimal traces on a host machine, and the team plans to enable encryption in the future to safeguard against loss of stick. Think of it as GMail in your pants—and YOU control the invitations.


It would be irresponsible to refrain from making a prediction here: six months from now it will be impossible to purchase a new device that doesn't come impaled on some kind of stick or thin, pointy object. Stick 2.0 is on the march. Come Christmas, the words "round," "clamshell," and "lanyard" are going to seem as relevant and cutting-edge as Vans worn without socks. That's right, I'm talking to YOU, Don Johnson.

Stick. It's what's for dinner.

Mobility Email [Product Page (via Slashdot)]
photo [by Bongocopter]

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