EMOPORT Tries To Make That Time Of The Month Fun, Fails Miserably

You know how us girls have these nasty things called "periods" we need to deal with that turn us into moody, erratic, cramping monsters? The EMOPORT "software/games" device promises to magically make our menstruation nightmare go away — through the healing powers of hand-held video games.

According to designer Saikat Biswas, the EMOPORT is a "personal emotional vitalizer." A woman personalizes the device by feeding in personal data like age, weight, and menstrual cycle. Then, when she gets on the rag, she whips out the device to "overcome mental stress."


EMOPORT games are free, but would only be found packaged with sanitary napkins and work only right before or during the user's "woman time." But no worries - these games won't just be "pink painted" versions of existing boy games, they'll be extensively market researched content designed to appeal to different age-groups of women.

So exactly why can't we pick up a DS or a PSP, which both have a slew of full-formed women-centric games that can be played anytime of the month? Because if there's anything girls love, it's underpowered, restrictive novelty hardware geared towards needs already taken care of by a unisex consumer product. Oh wait. [Saikat Biswas via Gizmowatch]

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