Illustration for article titled Emotiv Epoc Mind Reading Controller Delayed For Not Reading Minds Very Well

Emotiv's "mind-reading" controller is a press darling, mainly because it's really cool. Apparently, though, Emotiv won't have the headset ready to go for the planned December release, because it doesn't, strictly speaking, well, work.


Based on electroencephalography technology (or EEG to us laymen), a properly functioning Epoc isn't out of the realm of possibility. But after a series of failed press appearances, starting just after the announcement and culminating in a glitchy gaming failure which I witnessed firsthand at the Intel Developer Forum, the product just doesn't look like it's ready.

BigDownload spoke to a PR rep for the company, who said that the product is being held back until it "work[s] as planned", which translates to a release "sometime in 2009". There's obviously plenty of enthusiasm for stuff like this, but little startups like this can only hold on for so long without bringing a product to market. The price, as far as we know, is still set at $299. [BigDownload—Thanks, John]

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