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A Metacafe user who wishes his name was Logan uploaded a video of his new homemade Wolvie claws, complete with a mechanism that releases the blades when he flexes his biceps.

Here's the rundown on his new and improved claws:

The springs are quicker. It locks in the back position so it can be cocked and ready. It has a release for that lock near the bicep, so with it positioned just right flexing your bicep will actually release it. It also locks in the forward position so when you stab something the claws don't retract on the track.


This may not be the first dude to build his own Wolverine claws, but he did a fine job. Plus, he resisted the temptation to accentuate the blades by moussing his hair up into traditional Wolverine wings, which only looks good if you're ripped, sideburned and smokin' a cigar, bub. [Metacafe via CrunchGear]

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