eNecessities Digital Photo Cube for Giveaway Swagmeisters

Illustration for article titled eNecessities Digital Photo Cube for Giveaway Swagmeisters

You know digital photo frames are getting to be a commodity when they're designed for corporations to give them away as branding tools. That's what the eNecessities photo cube is, with its 1x1-inch LCD screen and 1.5 inches of space for branding just above that display. It holds about 30 digital photos, fed into it via USB 2.0.


We were hoping this would be a cube with screens on more than one side, but no. Even with its meager features, it's still hardly priced for giving away, either, at $51.34 if you're buying between 25-499 of them. Nice piece of swag; maybe these will become more prevalent at the trade shows as display prices continue their freefall.

Product Page [eNecessities, via Oh Gizmo]

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Not much of anything that I want to look at on a 1x1 screen.