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Engrave Your iPhone

Illustration for article titled Engrave Your iPhone

Device Nine Six in Los Angeles is doing laser etchings on iPhones, although we bet it zaps your warranty on first burn. Here's a vid:

Behold the glory of what we can only assume is the Jaegermeister reindeer emblazoned upon the shiny backside of one lucky person's phone. Device Nine Six will go above and beyond the simple text-only engraving offered by Apple on their iPod products; their rule is, "If you can print it on a piece of paper, we can engrave it." If you're in the area and dying for some personalization, hit them up for a burn session. $30. [Device Nine Six via Cool Hunting]


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At CES every year there's a company that sells those laser engravers. If you give them something during a slow time, they'll typically engrave text on whatever you want. I had them put my email address on the battery door of my Treo last year. Maybe this year I'll have them engrave my iPhone.