Enjoy the final battle of Return of the Jedi without the Ewoks

My favorite part of Return of the Jedi was the final Death Star battle, a perfect choreography of models filmed with computer-controlled cameras. It was truly amazing—except for the Ewok clowns interrupting the flow with their unrealistic fight.* So I always wanted to see this: The entire battle in high definition.

* How can a bunch of tiny bears with no weapons beat a division of fully armed Imperial stormtroopers? Originally, the plan for the Endor part was to make a Vietnam-style battle in Kashyyyk, the planet of the Wookies (like Chewbacca) that were enslaved to build the Death Star. Imagine that: Crazy 7-foot-tall Wookies fighting to death with Imperial troops, guerrilla style. It wouldn't have sold a lot of toys, but it would have been glorious.


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I would be lying if I didn't admit that I found this clip last year, ripped the audio track off of it, and I play it in my car while I'm driving on the highway.

Driving has never been the same since. In a great way.