Enter The Frozen Donkey Wheel!

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Another week, another delving into the underworld that is io9's Observation Deck, where we have no control over what you're all talking about. We're just here to try and answer questions. This week: Dick adaptations, Empire alphabets and Lost waiting.

farfisasynth is asking the question on everyone's lips about the return of Lost (if, admittedly, everyone is me):

The wait until Tuesday at 9PM is absolutely KILLING me!!!! To think that in late 2008 I hadn't seen a single episode. Now I am on tenterhooks. The next 50 hours are going to be fucking brutal... Any advice to help ease the wait? Spells? Incantations? Teas or aloes? Is there a Delorean, TARDIS, or Frozen Donkey Wheel I can bum off someone?


Friends don't let friends use Frozen Donkey Wheels. Just saying (Also, is it just me, or does "Frozen Donkey Wheel" sound like some fictional sexual position? Anyone who cares to use the comments section below to describe said position, feel free. And I'm sure I'm going to regret saying that). Speaking of frozen, watch how Roklimber and RandomFrequentFlierDent redraw your idea of world geography:

We surely could use some global warming around here in Denmark. It's 10 degrees F, -12 degrees C, outside of my door right now. I miss California...

Weird. It's -12 degrees C here too. I was out for dinner with friends tonight but opted out of drinks afterwards because I didn't want to walk home at 1 am when it's down to -20. I've yet to live somewhere without winter.

"Here" being where?

Eastern Canada. Nova Scotia to be more precise.

Conclusion: Denmark is in Eastern Canada, next to Nova Scotia. Why, yes, I did fail geography in high school, why did you ask?


Meanwhile, EdificeComplex comes up with the greatest way to waste time on the internet this week:

Generate an image of your name using the Topps "Empire Strikes Back" stickers. [www.restrainingbolt.com]


The best ones so far? Complex's own and Grey_Area's sensible suggestion about the prequels. Oh, and, of course:



Spider Sister asks:

Two questions: What's the best e-reader for my buck? And how many PKD novels are in adaptation right now?


In reverse order, it depends what you mean as "adaptation"; there are two being made into comics (Boom! Studios is in the middle of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, and Marvel starts Electric Ant in April), and multiple in various stages of movie development including Radio Free Albemuth, The Adjustment Bureau (adapting "Adjustment Team"), Ubik and a Disneyfied version of King of The Elves. And as for the best e-reader, I admit ignorance beyond disliking the Sony e-Reader. Everyone else?

Finally for this week, Bookwench wants to kill your productivity:

Has anyone else checked out Gutenberg's bookshelf lately? There's an entire science fiction section there.


They also have a fantasy section, mystery section, witchcraft section - they have a lot of cool stuff hidden away there.

And it's all free. MUHAhahahah!

Oh, God. Must stay away until my next day off. Must... stay... away...