Enter Your Robotic Art in the RoboGames' Annual Art Expo!

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Are you an artist or maker who loves to build robots whose sole purpose in life is to be artistic rather than to destroy humans or build ships? Then we've got the perfect art expo for you, and you can enter your art robots now!


Every year, the RoboGames come to San Francisco in a fiery burst of warring robots who duel to the death in a series of cage matches. But RoboGames is about more than killing. It's also about robotic and kinetic art, as well as robots who can pass tests of skill by playing games or even dancing.

And this year RoboGames is celebrating the artistic side of robots by having an art exposition devoted to robotic and kinetic art. The curators of the expo come from the amazing team who brought you the SWARM robots (pictured above). Marnia Johnson from SWARM passes along this call for art:

ROBOGAMES 2009 5th Art Exhibition

Call for Entries:

The exhibition will take place during the ROBOGAMES event from June 12th –14th at Fort Mason in San Francisco, CA. Opening night is Friday June 12th

The ROBOGAMES Art Exhibition will show case the artistic qualities that are possible in robotic and kinetic art. Some examples of what we are looking for are: static sculpture, kinetic sculpture, bar-tending robots, musical robots, robots that paint, works of industrial art and any works that incorporate or look like they incorporate mechanical or technological attributes.

Radio controlled works and pyro-kinetic works are also encouraged to apply. Pyro-kinetic works will be for display only but may perform opening night. Please include power requirements, wireless, or RC frequency, performance space and a tentative performance schedule (for kinetic works. For example: 10'x10' space with one hour performances twice a day).

The artist will be responsible for the transportation of their artwork to and from the exhibition. Artists will also be responsible for any and all supplies and travel expenses. ROBOGAMES can provide help with transportation costs depending on need. The ROBOGAMES Art Exhibition open call will run until May 8th 2009.

Best of Luck!

Find out more about RoboGames here, and register to participate in the Art Expo here (register with the group "art bots").



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