Envive's 8 Tuner, 4.5TB Media Center Turns Everybody Into a Shut-In

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Envive's taking pre-orders for their $2,499 media center monster that eats and shits Mac Minis. The unit has 8 Tuners—only four can be accessed under Windows Media Center—and 4.5TB of RAID storage.

Other specs: Intel Viiv certified Core 2 Duo paltform, 8GB DDR2 RAM, Vista Ultimate Ready, Envive OS (which lets the unit access all 8 tuners), Dolby 7.1 Audio Out, DVD Burner with optional Blu-ray or HD DVD, and a gigabit ethernet port. The unit starts shipping in November for the standard version and a rack-mount version ships in December.

Envive Announces Pre-order Details on 8 Tuner, 4.5TB E-Center Pro [eHomeUpgrade]