Epic aerial footage of mountain hiking reminds me of how tiny we are

Whatever you're stressing about right now, try to clear your head by watching this epic video of a mountain climber attacking the Ledge Route of Ben Nevis, Scotland. We're just a small part of this world, it stretches beyond what we can see. Winter is ending, adventures are beginning. Enjoy it!


Rob Johnson, who filmed it, writes:

On Friday 13th March 2015 I took my Phantom 2 drone fitted with a GoPro Hero 4 up onto the North Face of Ben Nevis to do some aerial filming.

I climbed Ledge Route, a grade 2 winter mountaineering route, and filmed myself as I climbed.

This project took 4 batteries and I was racing to climb faster than the batteries faded, whilst composing the shots and trying to get the footage I wanted. Its pretty difficult doing it this way, the ultimate mountain selfie perhaps, its definitely easier to compose the shots when filming other people, but I enjoyed the challenge. It was a stunning day! The footage has been edited in FCP-X and the music is royalty free from Pond 5.

If you would like aerial footage for your own project, or a completed film like this one please visit my site filmuphigh.com

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Can't you see a thousand climbers doing this? And the most amazing thing is he did this 3 days ago. Kudos.