EpiCard Makes EpiPens Look Fat By Comparison

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Some medical students have come up with a handy replacement for the EpiPen called the EpiCard. It's roughly the size of a credit card and has built-in audio instructions on its use to help the patient self-administer the treatment if needed. Those of us with hardcore life threatening allergies have to keep a treatment like the EpiPen around, but they can be cumbersome. Having something like this that you can take anywhere is just what we need. [EpiCard via MedGadget]



It is amazing how in the moment you need to use an EpiPen that you can forget everything and do it wrong. A friend used mine when she was having an extreme reaction to green peppers, and managed to hold it backwards and stab the needle through her finger. Fortunately, it still worked, but she was in thumb pain for a couple of weeks.

Needless to say, this is a fantastic idea.