Epson Claims Better LCD On Its Way

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WIth more LCD displays being banged out in Asia every day, we're hoping to see not only a dip in prices, but better quality products as well. So it's nice that Epson (or Sanyo Epson in Japan) is claiming its three new displays will include a technoloyg called Photo FIne Chromarich, which they claim "achieves more than 100% coverage of the NTSC* color gamut." This really means you'll get better color rendering and higher resolution while the display actually consumes less power. Of course, these particular LCD will be manufactured for mobile devices, measuring only a tiny 2.2, 2.8 and 4.5 inches. But if you wish real hard, maybe we'll see them in bigger sizes sometime soon.

Epson Develops Photo Fine Chromarich LCD displays [Ubergizmo]


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