Epson Duet Projector Screen Does 4:3 and 16:9

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Charlie's talk about the alternate but stunning 2.35:1 video format reminded me of this cool projector screen we haven't covered before. It's Epson's Duet, and instead of a vertical scrolling screen, it unfolds side to side, expanding from a 4:3 ratio'd 65-inch screen to a 16:9 screen that measures 80-inches from corner to corner. Neat. It also happens to work as a wall mounted solution.


I haven't had any first hand experience with this screen yet — I don't mind using a white wall — but I hear its a sweet deal. The only problem is that without a rigid top frame, the projector can sag in the middle, just a touch. You know, like a volleyball net after one too many sloppy spikes. At $199, I can live with that.


Epson Duet [Core77]

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I've used this screen, and it kicks ass. Extremely quick and simple to set up, folds up very small. And yes, you don't NEED to reset the aspect ratio, but if your projector only does 4:3, and/or you're the type who hates space around the picture (there's a lot of people with black/white bar phobias for sme reason), then this has you covered.

Anyway, it's a great screen. I'm just surprised to see it described as the "Epson Duet" here. Although it is designed and manufactured by Epson, and designed to go along with their projectors, it's actually marketed as the Accolade Duet, with no mention of Epson on the packaging.