Epson R-D1xG: A Poor Middle Class Man's Leica M8

On one hand, the Epson R-D1xG is a gorgeous retro rangefinder camera that captures the style (and the compatible lenses) of Leica tradition. On the other, it's almost as expensive as the real thing.

Priced at $3000 (the Leica M8 runs about $1000 more), the D1xG is an update to Epson's D1. It keeps the same 6MP resolution (the camera may or may not have a new imaging chip) but gains Adobe RGB colorspace support along with simultaneous RAW and JPG shooting on SDHC.


I dig the style, I just feel like if you're already spending $3000 on an impostor, why not just drop another thousand for the real thing? [Epson via Wired]

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