Epson Shows Off Large Projection TVs

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Bucking the trend, Seiko Epson has decided to throw some cash into the TV arena, showing off 2 HDTV projection TVs in Japan. Though other camera companies have been getting into the home entertainment space, many of them have recently come to realize that competition is intense and money is tough to pull, so let's give Epson a hand. Of course, instead of focusing on LCD or plasma TVs, the company has released 1080p rear-projection products, which are still cheaper to manufacture or buy than either of their large, flatter cousins. Look for the 65-inch ELS-65GL1 and the 55-inch ELS-55GL1 which will sell under the G-Series line. Both include a sound system from Onkyo, VGA interface, a USB port to attach a printer, and of course, a slot for a memory card to view photos.


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