Epson Unveils P-5000 Photo Viewer, Dumper, PMP

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Well, Canon just did it, so why shouldn't Epson. This is the P-5000—it is a combination portable photo viewer, photo dumper and general PMP device. It has a 4-inch display with a 640 x 480 resolution to display video and pictures from the integrated 80GB hard drive or from CF, SD or SDHC portable media.


The P-5000 stands out a bit more from the competition because it supports a larger variety of video types including DivX and H.264. Also Epson is known for having damn sexy LCDs capable of displaying a wide spectrum of colors and grayscale, which is pretty essential for photographers out there. Epson also announced the P-5000's little brother, the P-3000. The only thing that differs with this portable media device is the 40GB hard drive. No word on pricing or availability.

The new Epson Photo Bank and PMP [Akihabara]