ESPN Mobile is a Big Flop, So Far

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Not really much of a surprise, but the ESPN Mobile cellphone and service plan is still in the hole. From Sports Business Daily, via our half-sister twice related, Deadspin:

Mobile ESPN has lost $25M so far after launching a $30M ad campaign that included an ad on ABC's Super Bowl broadcast, according to Alice Cuneo of AD AGE. Disney President & CEO Robert Iger acknowledged, "Initial results were a little bit lower than we had hoped. But we have changed our pricing approach, we have strengthened and redirected our marketing, we're expanding our presence at retail." Ovum wireless analyst Roger Entner said that the $25M loss "would be considered 'normal' by carrier standards." Entner added, "I would rather expect that to increase with more customers coming on board, but to swing into profitability [within 2-3 years]"


So, this basically means that ESPN Mobile still sucks, nobody is buying it, but it is going to be pushed onto us for two more years. Damnit, that sucks. Those commercials are really horrible. Just give up, please.

What's $25 Million Between Friends? [Deadspin]

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