Estari's Dual-Screen Laptop Nearing Launch

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It's not the same dual-screen laptop we showed you before, but for $4,350 you can now pre-order the closest thing to it—Estari's 2-VU notebook. The 2-VU comes with two 15-inch XGA touch-screens that you can use for extreme spreadsheeting, Web-browsing, or anything else you throw its way. I think the system's price is over the top especially since it's only running an Intel dual-core CPU and you can buy two 15-inch laptops for that kinda money, but if you've ever dreamed of owning a giant Nintendo DS, here's your chance.


Product Page [via Electronista]


Great idea, but I'm sitting here wondering how 4,350 is justifiable...ok, it's not worth it. I would like to see Apple do one, however, it seems they are into phones, and TV now.

I bet $4,350 is the stripped down model too, so after upgrades, and tax one could spend $5,000 on it.

I'm thinking its gimmicky, but someone will buy it.