Estranged Brothers Bond Over True Crime in Indie Comedy Manson Family Vacation

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Uptight Nick is less than thrilled when his slacker brother Conrad suddenly appears in Los Angeles, but he agrees to accompany the Helter Skelter-toting Conrad on a rambling tour of sites tied to the infamous life and crimes of Charles Manson. Ergo, Manson Family Vacation.


Here’s the official description:

“Nick Morgan (Jay Duplass) has it all: a loving family, a beautiful home and a successful law practice in Los Angeles. His estranged brother Conrad (Linas Phillips) has nothing but a backpack. When Conrad shows up for a surprise visit, all he wants to do in town is go to the infamous Manson Family murder sites. Reluctantly, Nick joins him and ends up on a road trip that leads the brothers into the modern-day world of Charles Manson.

Written and directed by J. Davis, MANSON FAMILY VACATION explores the lives of two brothers: one who’s devoted to his family; the other who’s obsessed with The Manson Family. Executive produced by the Duplass Brothers, the film also features Tobin Bell (Jigsaw from the SAW movies), Leonora Pitts and Davie-Blue.”

Okay ... as a Helter Skelter-toting type myself, who has also driven around Los Angeles gawking at Manson-related sites, I must watch this movie.

The film will be out on iTunes and On Demand October 6.

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One of my Dad’s buddies is obsessed with serial killers. Probably because he thought that, aside from the killing, they have a lot in common.