Even a 6-Year-Old Knows Your Username Sucks

Photo: Instagram/jlau127
Photo: Instagram/jlau127

As we all know, in the 21st century, the real currency isn’t money, but cold hard follows. But how valuable is your #brand? According to a first grader named Claire (and questionable “content rating” organization Common Sense Media), not very.


TMI, dude, TMI.

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This used to be the way it was, you didn’t share anything about yourself and now people are live-blogging their lives and providing specific information about who they are, where they live, and what they’re doing. Before facebook and twitter, everything was behind anonymous screen names and emphasized protecting information (hell, I don’t know anyone who had a myspace page with their name on it). It’s such a 180 from the sort of common sense that used to rule the internet, and its led to things like pleaserobme.com and swatting.