Apple CEO to World: πŸ˜€ [Updated]

Screenshot: Twitter
Screenshot: Twitter

At approximately 11:38am Cupertino time on Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a cryptic message on Twitter reading only β€œπŸ˜€.” It was quickly deleted.


What could the man in charge of the world’s most valuable brand be trying to say? Was it a mistake? A test? Did the tweet herald a new, Apple-developed two-way neural interface that feeds users pleasant imagery until their mouths are contorted into painful rictus grins, a caricature of genuine human joy? Maybe it was just a πŸ˜€ day.

We have reached out to Apple for comment will update this post if and when we hear back.


Update 8:45pm: Wednesday evening, Gizmodo received a revelatory email titled β€œI know what the Tim Cook smile means.” According to the tipster, who worked for Apple for several years, Cook’s tweet was likely intended as β€œa private response to someone and he accidentally made it public and then caught his mistake.”

β€œI know a co-worker, about two years back, who wrote Tim to tell him about a really great interaction my co-worker had with a customer,” writes our tipster. β€œHe was surprised and delighted to actually get an email back several days later. He shared it with several of us. The response was a smile.”

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