Even Google Gets Shafted By Apple's Ridiculous App-Approval Process

So you'd think a company like Google would probably have a free line-jumping pass when it comes to getting its iPhone apps approved for the App Store by Apple? Especially when the app in question is as cool-looking as the voice search app we got a look at Friday but has yet to hit the store? Well, sadly, you'd be wrong. Tech Crunch is sourcing someone close to the affair as saying that Apple left Google completely in the dark as to why the app didn't make it into the store on Friday, as previously planned. Google keeps an airtight lock on their news, and John Markoff's piece in the NYT was supposed to accompany the app's release. Arrington's source says despite getting a green light for a Friday release, Friday came and went without Google hearing anything from Apple other than the "In Review" status message in the automated SDK tools. Why this happened is anyone's guess, but it's merely the latest (and one of the most glaring) examples of Apple's completely backwards app approval process. Arrington also makes a great point that Google totally did Apple a favor by releasing this app first for the iPhone, and not Android. But even that wasn't enough for even a little extra love. Yikes. [Tech Crunch]

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