Even More Head-Scratching Apple Analysis From CNBC

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Additional Apple-related shenanigans from CNBC as they report on Apple stock "tanking" in January following Steve Jobs' poor health:

Apple's stock had tanked in January, falling as low as $78.20, when Jobs said he had a hormone imbalance and the company announced that its founder would be taking a six-month medical leave. It has since made a choppy comeback as concerns about his health persist.


Thing is, as John Gruber accurately notes with a simple Google Finance chart, that isn't entirely true.

To say this kind of odd Apple reporting from CNBC is "something new" would also be, of course, not entirely true. [CNBC via Daring Fireball via BBG]



You know what is head-scratching to me? That Gizmodo is sponsored by Best Buy. The world is coming to an end.