Every Insane Moment From Syfy's Supershark In One Funky Music Video

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We know that you spent your Saturday night watching Supershark on Syfy... right? But just in case you missed it, this absolutely stunning music video features the Supershark theme song, a "1970's Blaxploitation super hit" by R&B singer Harvey Scales. And it compresses every great moment from Supershark into two minutes and 32 seconds.

Actually, wait. It doesn't have John Schneider, as an evil oil exec, saying "I wish I had a mustache to twirl." And it doesn't have Schneider quoting Sarah Palin, as a means of explaining why he was going to go ahead and unleash more fin-walking, flying mega-sharks in the inevitable Supershark 2. It also doesn't have the bikini-wearing marine biologist hero announcing "I'm rich and single," after having accepted a bribe from Schneider's character.

On the other hand, the music video does feature a beauty queen trying to fight off Supershark using an umbrella, and then the Army guy announcing, "It ate the Queen of the Beach." And the walking tank. And the weird scene where the Army guy has statues of Confucius and Thomas Jefferson in his office. And the Army guy announcing that the shark can fly, before concluding, "That's bad."


If you missed this masterpiece of monsterology, you can probably fake expertise after watching this short video. Plus you'll be humming the theme for the rest of the day.