Every Lego Fan Needs These Red Brick Slippers

One of the most painful feelings in the entire world is when you accidentally step onto a Lego brick with your bare foot. AGH the shooting needle of plastic is a horrific reminder of how big a weakling your feet are. No worries though. For true Lego fanatics, they can turn to Lego brick house slippers.

I guess a true Lego fanatic would want the classic 2x4 brick design on their slippers but I guess we'll have to pretend our feet would make up that last row. Made by ThinkGeek, so not officially Lego sanctioned, the Brick slippers come in red and blue and made from polyster. It should fit most humans who have average-sized feet, giant feet Lego fans will have to continue to endure the pain of accidentally stepping on Lego bricks. Sorry! $25 [ThinkGeek]


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