DC have unveiled a whole host of new action figures at Comic-Con. Want to see what’s coming to your Toy shelf over the next few months? Here’s a breakdown of all the new toys coming from the world of DC.

CW Series

DC’s line of toys based on The Flash and Arrow continues with Malcom Merlyn, Heatwave and The Reverse Flash. HOW DOES THIS REVERSE FLASH NOT COME WITH AN ALTERNATE TOM CAVANAUGH HEAD. HOW.

Batman: The Animated Series


The cartoon-y line gets a bolster with New Batman Adventures versions of Etrigan and Klarion, as well as The Animated Series versions of Jim Gordon, Zatanna and Ra’s Al Ghul

DC Icons


Announced at Toy Fair, DC’s new line of “Icons” seeks to take one iconic design for each DC hero and turn it into an action figure. The latest additions are Firestorm, The Joker, and John Stewart’s Green Lantern.

Batman: Arkham Knight


Now that the video game is out, there’s even more figures to go with it. Series 3 adds Azrael and a deluxe version of the Man-Bat to the party.

Designer Series


Finally, DC’s amazing Designer series, which takes artwork from a cadre of DC artists and faithfully recreates their individual styles in the form of action figures. The new ranges will feature Darwyn Cooke— his designs for Adam Strange, Supergirl (who comes with Streaky and Krypto!), Harley Quinn and Batman—Lee Bermejo—Green Lantern, Lex Luthor, Superman and Batman—and a return to the Greg Capullo well with the artist’s takes on Wonder Woman and Joker. This series continues to be one of my favourite action figure lines at the moment, and these look great.


All these figures will be out over the course of the last few months of 2015 and Early 2016, for $20-25 each. You can see a few extra figures (including a new Arrow, and those Batman v Superman statues revealed earlier this week) in the video below:

[Via Comic Book]

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