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Every Original Star Trek Episode as a Vintage Movie Poster

Illustration for article titled Every Original emStar Trek/em Episode as a Vintage Movie Poster

So Into Darkness was fun, but there's nothing quite like the classics that started the whole thing off. If you're into them, Juan Ortiz has a treat for you: each of the original 80 episodes as a righteous vintage poster.


Inspired by legendary graphic designers like Saul Bass, the vibe of the 60s and 70s, and—of course—Star Trek, Ortiz put together a series of posters for dozens of Trek movies that never were.


You'll find all of Ortiz's posters in Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz which is on Amazon for $25, and you can also catch more of Juan's work on his Tumblr, including a badass mega-picture of 36 of the posters all at once. Last but not least, you can pick up limited edition prints at the Star Trek shop in sets of four for $35 a set. They're no Enterprise coffee table, but they'll look better on your wall. [Amazon via Co.Design]


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Original 80 episodes? Dude, have you ever even met a Trekkie?