Every Page Of This Webcomic Is Packed With Striking (And Creepy) Images

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If you've been looking to hop onto a webcomic that your eyeballs will fall in love with, take a gander at Petra Nordlund's webcomic Prague Race. What starts as simple tale of three young friends turns into a journey through a strange land that is by turns frightening and tragic — but always fun to look at.


Prague Race is, at first, the tale of three friends: the wealthy, perpetually anxious Colin, the cheerful and teasing Leona, and the upright and compassionate Miko. They're three best buds on the precipice of adult life. Colin's biggest worry is that his crush on Leona will ruin their friendship. Leona's biggest worry is that someone will find out she's renting an illegal unit.

Their worries multiply, however, after Colin and Leona visit a strange curio shop with even stranger owners. Leona makes a purchase that sets them on a course to another realm, one where just about everything is out to kill them.

Nordlund has an excellent, slightly macabre sense of visual humor, and it is on full display in the otherworldly parts of Prague Race. Whether she's playing with established creatures, like fauns and werewolves, or developing a few of her own, she manages to make her world malevolent and amusing all at once. It creates the sense that our characters have all been invited to a fabulous party where the other guests may make sparkling conversation — or eat them. Or both.

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noses its always about the noses it seems. Especially in pic above.

Gabby looks a bit too much like a Locke and Keyy possessed person something about eyes and black hair doesnt help.

yep i only have visual observations so far