Every Single Gadget Should Be Waterproof Like the Motorola Defy+ Android Phone

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You know what makes sense? Putting the things we need and love (photos, music, email, talking) into one small handheld thing. What doesn't make sense? Leaving these objects vulnerable to something that covers 3/4 of our planet. The Defy+ isn't.

And guess what? It doesn't resemble a hideous bulging tank, as do most pieces of waterproof gear. The Defy+ is nothing out of the ordinary beneath its waterproofed Gorilla Glass—Gingerbread, 1 Ghz processor, blah, blah—but that's okay. It can be submerged in water for 10 minutes, so real life aquatic annoyances like rainstorms and coffee spills won't be a problem.

And this should be standard. I'm tired of having to awkwardly cradle my phone between my arm, chest, and umbrella during a downpour, or risk raindrops frying my stuff when I need to turn down the volume. Rain is unavoidable. Spills are inevitable. Water is the enemy of all circuits, but that doesn't mean companies can't give us a little shielding—and make it look good. Instead of squeezing in another quarter inch of LCD, or making a phone marginally thinner, how about some engineering attention towards protecting phones from an ultra-abundant substance that can ruin the things we pay a lot for? Please? Thank you. [Engadget]