Much as we love Batman, we certainly don’t think it’s a wise idea to go out into the streets looking for crime to fight. People have guns. They will shoot you in the face. So naturally HBO’s latest documentary Superheroes (about real life superhero crime fighters) makes us incredibly uncomfortable. Watch the first trailer.

The best part is when they interview fictional hero-creator Stan Lee, and his only thoughts are, “This concerns me.” Want to fight crime? Become a cop. Still, this documentary looks like it could be good masochistic fun.

The only superheroes out of the bunch who actually look semi-intimidating are the kids from Brooklyn (naturally). But then again, guns. Get a better look at these vigilantes with this collection of superhero profiles.

Team Justice.

Crime Fighter or Hipster? It’s Life and Thanatos.

Look, we know that most of these folks’ hearts are in the right place, but this stuff is dangerous! Here’s hoping the documentary uncovers a little more about the person behind the mask, and what keeps them out on the streets each night. Superheroes will debut on August 8 on HBO.

Update, 9:35 a.m., May 6, 2020: This post has been updated to remove several broken video embeds.