Everyone's Ignorance Makes For An Action-Packed Episode of Grimm

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Oh, Grimm. Only you could give us one of the most informative, exciting, action-packed episodes of your entire run and still have half the episode spent watching a mom taking her baby on an international flight.

The frightening thing is how little would have happened in "Synchronicity" if the characters in Grimm had stopped to talk to each other, at any point, even for a couple of minutes. Adalind wants to get to safety, Renard wants to bring Adalind to safety, and. Nick's mom is tasked with bringing Adalind to safety. But because no one conveys any information to each other, Nick's mom takes Adalind to Portland — her home, and the home of the baby's father, and literally the very first place baby-hunting Royal Alexis Denisof thinks of. Specifically, to Nick's house, where everyone is super fucking surprised that they all know each other and in many cases have tried to kill each other.

The characters of Grimm have never been the sharpest bolts in the crossbow, but their utter, easily preventable bafflement is entertaining here, if not outright endearing. Especially when Nick reminds his mom that she killed Adalind's mother, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio has to stop to remember that she did! "Oh, right. Yeah. I forgot about that," she says in all seriousness, and it's great.


Despite Juliette very kindly helping Adalind with her baby, Adalind decides she might not want to stay in the house of the Grimm and his girlfriend which she happened to put in a coma, and flees to Renard's, who is not only surprised to find Adalind and his daughter on his doorstep, but also kind of surprised to discover the Resistance contracted out Adalind's escape to Nick's mom.

We do learn a few things in this episode, though:

1) Everyone seems to want the baby because it's a Hexenbiest with Royal blood. Which seems to mean it's going to be a super-powerful Hexenbiest and also a V.I.W. (Very Important Wesen) when it grows up.


2) Nick learns the reason woge'd Wesen know he's a Grimm is because his eyes basically look like horrible black holes to them. On the plus side, these black holes can be disguised with a $5 pair of sunglasses. Even Nick is shocked he never bothered to ask about this shit before season 3. Anyways, Best Man problem solved!

3) We see Nick's mom pass young Nick to Aunt Marie in flashback, and Nick's mom wasn't exactly hot to trot to abandon her son. Unsurprising, but still nice to see.


4) Juliette knows her Jung.

5) Nick's mom is fucking crazy, because she's pretty much willing to kill everybody to get Adalind's baby, even after Nick repeatedly tells her that he knows all the players here and murder will not even slightly be necessary.


It may not make much sense, but still, stuff is happening! Now if we can only find out what the hell the Royals are doing that caused the Resistance to spring up to fight them in the first place, we'll be in business.


Assorted Musings:

• Do you think Grimm really thought it was fooling anybody at the beginning with Nick and Hank talking about the Best Man situation as if it were some intense high stakes undercover mission? Surely not, right?


• Let's not forget that Adalind was super-into giving away her baby to the Royals before she got her powers back. Obviously, the show has kind of pretended her maternal instincts kicked in somewhere around the last few episodes, but still, she's the one who didn't hold up her end of the deal.

• Although I still don't know why Adalind allowed the Resistance to take her in the first place. The Royals didn't want to kill her until she escaped, so presumably she could have lived a life of luxury with the Royals and partially raised her daughter with them. She sure didn't seem to have any political problems with the Royals until the show needed her to go on the run.


• Rosalee tries on her grandmother's dress, which fits physically, but temporally seems to have been made specifically for a teetotaling, elderly Baptist woman circa 1895.

• Yes, Nick's mom, park the stolen truck all of 40 feet from Nick's front door. Very cunning of you.


• Can we all recognize Alexis Denisof as Grimm MVP at this point? He's having such a great time being just cartoonishly evil, and he's massively entertaining every time he pops up. I wish he had more to do than play "GET THAT BABY" but it looks like he's coming to Portland. Maybe he'll coincidentally attempt to lodge in Nick's house as well, eh?