Everything Donald Glover Says Just Makes Us Want a Lando Calrissian Movie Even More

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Donald Glover as a young Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo movie. It was the casting that made everybody stand up and applaud when it was announced last year. Now that we’ve seen a trailer for Solo and are hearing Glover talk about playing Cloud City’s chief dude, our hunger for a Lando-centric project has only intensified.


Glover was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about donning the iconic cape of Star Wars’ favorite hustler and says that, obviously, wardrobe was a huge part of getting in character:

Lando’s not really the best dressed person on that set. And I don’t say that lightly. There’s just a lot of cool costumes and a lot of cool clothing. Lando’s clothing, that’s what I like. I was secretly super happy. His clothing is another spice of life. He takes pride in the clothing. It makes things easier. When people see you and you’re debonair, they tend to want to give you stuff easier. [Laughs]

Yeah, people are like, oh, this guy’s got it together. He’s obviously not starving, you know. He has enough leisure time to choose a nice outfit.

Glover also talks about opportunities to be found in playing Lando as a younger man:

I always like seeing younger characters when they are in younger times because it tells a lot about how they got to where they are. Like, when I was a teenager I felt like I knew a lot, but I didn’t. By the time we meet him in Empire Strikes Back, he owns the city already. [Laughs] So, I wanted to show the person he was before that was even possible. Like, I don’t even know if he thought that was possible at the time.

There’s more fun details in the interview so head on over to EW to read the whole thing. And, hey, if Disney’s making multiple Star Wars TV shows for its streaming service, maybe one of them can be a Lando show?

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I’ve been saying from the get-go that I would FAR prefer a Lando prequel to a Solo one. Seeing Donald Glover in costume just makes me want that 10 times over, he’s BORN to play young Lando, while AE (with all due respect) simply doesn’t have the presence to be Han Solo.

For another thing, Lando’s an interesting and under-developed character - how did he become the leader of Cloud City? That’s an interesting story with more scope. Han Solo, on the other hand, is a great character in the Star Wars saga, but do we really need to see how he learned to be a smuggler? Let’s leave him with a little mystique - we learn all we need to know about Han Solo in the (plenty of) screentime we spend with him.

Plus, a Lando movie coming out at roughly the same time as Black Panther would have been amazing - two of the biggest franchises (Marvel, admittedly, rather than BP specifically) having a film about a black main character would have been phenomenal.

Also, why do we need to see the Kessel Run? This whole thing smacks of the Kevin J Anderson/Brian Herbert approach of taking anything with an interesting bit of mystery around it and laying it out in an exact fashion. We didn’t need to see the Atreides-inspired Jihad, we don’t need to see the Kessel Run with some shitty explanation of why it was measured in parsecs.