Everything Wrong With Star Trek

Like us, you probably couldn't be more excited for Star Trek: Into Darkness. Well, ahead of the flick's release on May 17th, our favorite flaw-counting nerds have taken their nitpicking scalpels to the many instances of narrative discontinuity, faulty logic, and all-around flawed filmmaking in JJ Abrams' remake from a few years back.


As our cynical narrator notes of error number 52: "Why call something the "core" if it's not remotely central to the ship's operation." Seriously, what gives? Jeeeeez.

But, you know, we loved the first flick for all of it's confounding moments, and we can't wait to see Kirk and company kick butt again this time around. Pop pop!

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Curtis Hart

I usually hate these videos, but there are some rather valid points. Tyler Perry not withstanding.

But they missed the most obvious one...why doesn't Nero go to Romulus and say "Hey guys. I'm from the future and we need to prevent the sun from exploding that I have recorded on my ship as proof. Oh also, I have technology 100 years in the future. Oh, I'm king of Romulus now? Cool."