This evening Major League Baseball's brightest stars will gather for a half-hearted nine innings at Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium. It might not be the most exciting game of the year, but it's the easiest way to catch all of your favorite players in one night. So while you prepare to have a few friends over to watch the gamestravaganza, here are a few last-minute suggestions to make the evening even more authentic.


Leather-Wrapped 19-Inch Baseball TV

You probably don't have tickets or a way to get to Kansas City, so the next best thing to being there is watching the game on an over-the-top baseball-themed TV.

Who cares if Hannspree chose to make this set just 19-inches in size? It's wrapped in top grade soft grained leather just like a real baseball, providing a far more authentic experience than some monstrous 60-inch+ HDTV monstrosity. Your friends will definitely be cool with crowding around this set and squinting at the game, trust us. $200


Authentic New York Hot Dog Vendor Cart

Baseball stadium snacks are ridiculously over-priced, but enjoying a hot dog is part of the American pastime experience. And what better way to prep and serve a dozen footlongs for your friends than with an authentic street vendor cart?


Made with food-grade stainless steel this cart can be rolled around on a set of 20-inch wheels, and uses a propane tank to steam and keep your dogs warm. There's also a massive ice cooler for storing beverages and frozen treats, and plenty of storage space for every condiment imaginable—as long as it's not ketchup. It's expensive, but the next day you can hit the streets and quickly turn a profit on your investment. $5,500

Professional Automated Microbrewery

The only thing that goes better with a stadium hot dog than mustard is a plastic cup full of over-priced suds. And while you won't have a batch ready for this year's All-Star game, this automated microbrewery will let you make your own beer at home for a fraction of the cost of the store-bought variety.


The machine is completely automated, passing your brew from one stage to the next, and it will remind the brewmaster when to add the ingredients for their specific recipe. It's not as immediately satisfying as cracking open a bottle of beer from the store, but imagine the satisfaction of enjoying your first craft beer many, many weeks after you started making it. $45,000

Nerdy Captain America Baseball Jersey

But what if you're not the one throwing the party tonight? What if you've been invited to one by your sports-loving co-workers you're desperate to bond with, but they don't realize you're actually a comic book nerd at heart? This Captain American baseball jersey will let you fit right in, while still showing allegiance to your less-accepted obsession.


The front of the jersey is embroidered with the Captain's shield logo, while the back has "Rogers" emblazoned across the top with the number 41. Which happens to be the cover date for the first comic book appearance of Captain America. You just might want to keep that 'fun fact' to yourself, though. $35

Game Used Base Stools

Instead of digging out the folding chairs from the basement, or assuring your friends the carpet is indeed clean for sitting on, you can let every guest sit in comfort and style on these bar stools made from actual MLB bases.


The bases that sit atop these stools saw actual gameplay in the stadiums where the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Dodgers, Mets, Cardinals, Phillies, Tigers, Giants, White Sox and Pirates play. Each stool comes with a label indicating what game the base was used during, and we're going to assume come pre-dusted for your comfort. $950

Authentic Yankee Stadium Seats

But while your friends are perched atop bar stools, you'll be having the most authentic at-home MLB experience possible with these seats salvaged from Old Yankee Stadium.


Even though they've been cleaned and re-painted, the seats come with a signed letter from the New York Yankees ensuring their authenticity. And after a few uses, including spilled drinks and gum stuck to the bottom of the seat, they'll feel exactly like sitting in a real stadium. Except that you can change the channel whenever you want, and aren't stuck watching baseball for nine looong innings. $1,500

Image by Ross D. Franklin/AP Photo