Everything You Need to Turn Your Pet Into a Meme

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We're giving up. Nothing drives traffic like adorable animals doing adorable things. Because no matter how much we want an iPhone to come out every day, it just won't. So we're going to give you everything you need to make your pet into a meme factory (which you can then send to us!)


1. Toy stuffed with catnip

Very very important. Cats aren't naturally crazy all the time so you need to drug them. $3

2. iPad Game for Cats

Now turn your cat loose on this iPad game. Cats find it mesmerizing. Laser pointers work, too.$Free


3. iPhone Macro Lens Band

For taking distorted, funny-looking close-up photos and videos of your animal playing and being jolly and wonderful. $15


4. Gif Soup

Now turn the YouTube video of the cat into an animated GIF. Essential. Free


5. Sunglasses

Everyone loves a cool dog (or cat). $25


6. Costumes

Quit clowning around, you! $40


7. Cardboard boxes

Animals climb into boxes. Why? $30