Evil Drag Queens Will Transplant Your Penis Onto A Rich Dude

Forget kidneys and livers. Evil drag queens have raised the science of organ transplantation to an artform, encompassing sexy long legs, genitalia and even "manginas." Who needs to worry about tissue rejection when you can look so irresistible?

It's all in RuPaul's new movie masterpiece Starrbooty, newly out on DVD.

A supervillain, Annaka, is kidnapping sexy hookers and stealing their sexy parts to sell to rich people. It's up to supermodel/secret agent Starrbooty to put a stop to this scheme. Really, the film is a searing indictment of the commodification of body parts (Annaka wants to remove Starrbooty's legs and graft them onto a famous female rapper) and a warning about the nightmarish future of penis transplants. Oh, and there's drag queen incest.